Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"just us at work" — 'Manifest O' needlework tapestry

Fabric for the  "Manifest O" needlework tapestry is scheduled to reach Hamburg, South Africa, tomorrow.

The 9' x 21' (2.70 m x 6.41 m) fabric will be hand embroidered by KAP artist collective. When finished, the "Manifest O" tapestry will be brought to Kassel by Cebo Mvubu and Veronica Betani, KAP artist-collaborators.

DOE Projekts and KAP artists will work each weekday in the entrance hall of the Amtsgericht, Frankfurtstraße 9, near the "Manifest O" on various art projects -- drawing, stencil-cutting, needlework, writing -- beginning June 1 and continuing through Sept 10, 2012.