Saturday, September 4, 2021

Teaching at Grünewald Guild and Holden Village 2021

We, Glenn and Deborah Doering, DOEprojekts, were very pleased to be invited to teach at the Grünewald Guild, near Leavenworth, WA. The Guild's Fiber Arts Studio (pictured above) is where we lived with other Guild faculty during our Summer 2021 Sessions. We have been teaching classes at the Guild for over 20 years, sometimes as a team and other times individually. Summer 2021 allowed each of us to teach our individual interests to eager participants.

Glenn taught "Fashion Jewelry: Redesign, Repair, or Replace." Participants learned how to design pieces of jewelry, how to repair broken jewelry, and how to redesign older pieces of jewelry into something new and more interesting. Although the in-person class was small, the design output was large, as seen by the photos above.

Glenn presented his jewelry design portfolio from the past 20 years to the Guild community. Attendees and Guild staff were especially delighted to see his unique custom commissions for individual clients.

Deborah's Guild class was titled "Matisse and More." Participants were introduced to Henri Matisse (1869-1954, France) who created large "Cut-Outs" in the last decade of his life.

Deborah's interest in Matisse stems from her own stencil-cutting and printmaking (also known as "Pochoir" printmaking) and how basic shapes and a variety of colors can be applied to DOEprojekts' Coreforms. The collage above is one that Deborah created using Coreforms and Matisse's "cut-out" process.

Participants created many outstanding "cut out" collages during this one-week Guild class, cutting out forms from their hand-painted papers, just as Matisse and his assistants did almost 80 years ago. It was very rewarding for Deborah to work along side such dedicated and talented "students" -- we had a great week together and inspired each other with our work!

Holden Village, Washington State

Holden Village was formerly a remote copper-mining village. It was transformed into an educational retreat center by the Lutheran Church (ELCA), with the help of the US Department of Agriculture and Forest Service, in the early 1960s. Deborah and Glenn have "team taught" workshops at Holden since 2017.

 This summer's workshop was titled "Mandalas, Manifestos, Ciphers, Circles." Participants were introduced to a brief history of mandalas -- the word "mandala" is Sanskrit for "circle." They were also shown examples from DOEprojekts' 100 Mandalas for a Time of Quarantine (see Instagram/DOEprojekts).  DOEprojekts' mandalas include manifesto phrases such as "Seek Justice," "Love One Another," "Watch Beauty," and "Black Lives Matter." Other mandalas include ciphers (code-like symbols), and some have been created using a variety of circular forms/Coreforms.

Holden Village has an "Art Gallery" that doubles as an art studio -- it is one of the "coolest" places in the Village, a fact that was extra special this year, as temperatures rose to almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit on many days! Even so, some "mandala-makers" chose to sit outside the Gallery-Studio to work on their images. 

We appreciated that many "Villagers" came each day for 2 hours or more to work on their mandalas. Below is a small sampling of some of the mandalas that were made during our one-week workshop.

Glenn and Deborah are now back in New York City, preparing for their work as art teachers and administrators at The Beekman School. They are also preparing to open a solo exhibition, titled "Seeds in the City: Celebrating Growth Potential" at Metro Baptist Church, 410 W. 40th Street, NYC, 10018. DOEprojekts received a grant from the New York City Artists Corps that will fund the "Seeds in the City" installation of our new works.

The exhibition/installation opens on Saturday, Sept 18th and runs until Sunday, October 23, 2021. Watch for another blog post with more details in the near future!

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Sunday, April 4, 2021

New 2021 Flag Project exhibits “NYC Garden” by DOEprojekts at Rockefeller Center

DOEprojekts -- Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn N. Doering -- are delighted th have their "NYC Garden" photo selected to fly over Rockefeller Center Plaza, Manhattan, from March 29-April 30, 2021. Their 8' x 5' one-of-a-kind flag is part of "The Flag Project 2021," a public art installation juried by the internationally renowned Aperture Foundation, and supported by New York's Tishman Speyer Company.

Above left: One of two displays that show a portion of the 83 flags that fly over Rockefeller Center Plaza as part of “The Flag Project 2021.” Above right: Details of the display at left.

Rockefeller Center’s notification-of-acceptance email to DOEprojekts states: 

“We asked you to submit your photographs for a temporary art installation in partnership with Aperture Foundation, the world-renowned New York-based nonprofit and publisher. We invited everyone from professional to smartphone photographers to submit images showcasing the diverse life, energy, endurance, and imagination of New York City. Over the past few weeks, Chris Boot, Executive Director of Aperture, has been busy reviewing all submissions and we are excited to inform you that your photo has been selected!” 

"The Flag Project generated over 1200 incredible responses, garnering creative and inspiring submissions, not just from New York and the U.S., but from across the world. The photos reflected the spirit of the City, its resilience and demonstrated a sense of community that is at the core of all Rockefeller Center [and NYC] does and believes in. The exhibition is open to the public [at no cost]; no tickets are required." More information at:

Above: A selection of the 83 flags that fly over Rockefeller Center Plaza as part of “The Flag Project 2021”

DOEprojekts submitted a total of seven photographs to be juried, including two photograms. A photogram is a photographic print made by laying objects onto photographic paper and exposing it to light. 

Below are our photograms, both with silhouettes of pigeons, who are sometimes referred to as the “Official City Bird of Manhattan.” The top photogram shows outlines of the Chrysler Building, NYC, and the one below displays outlines of Bethesda Fountain and Terrace in NYC’s Central Park:

Additionally, we submitted 4 photos that were not selected. The two photos on top were taken at the new Moynihan-Penn Train Station. The lower left was taken at MoMA, and the lower right was shot at a Citibike station in Harlem.

DOEprojekts wrote the following when submitting the "NYC Garden" photo (below):
"Farmer's Markets were deemed 'essential' in the summer of 2020, during the COVID pandemic. We loved going to many fruit, vegetable, bread, and baked goods outdoor markets. A bright produce display with 'NYC Garden' chalked below caught our eye -- and will surely catch the eye of visitors to the Flag Project in Rockefeller Center!" 

We thank Chris Boot, Director of the Aperture Foundation, for including our work in this public art installation. We invite our DOEprojekt's blog readers, family and friends, to go see "The Flag Project 2021." 

Whether you are able to see the exhibition or not, please go to our Instagram and see more photos (and maybe some short videos) of all the flags.

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