Friday, June 26, 2015

Gestures of Hybridity — Traveling to South Africa and Germany with Support from Patrons

DOEprojekts (Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn N. Doering) will travel to South Africa in July and Germany in August. We will exhibit our "Gestures of Hybridity" sound drawings in private and public spaces and invite participation from artists that we know and many others who we meet along the way.
We are especially pleased to collaborate with the artists and artisans of the Keiskamma Art Project. We look forward to continuing our unique visual dialogue that began in 2006 when we were introduced to KAP's work in the USA.
Our collaborative work continued when DOEprojekts travelled to South Africa in 2010. It grew enormously when DOE+KAP worked together for 13 weeks in Kassel, Germany during the time of Documenta 13. And now, we continue DOE+KAP collaborative efforts in 2015 in South Africa, with not only visual imagery, but sound as well. The Keiskamma Music Academy provided the sound for some of DOEprojekts' graphite sound drawings and we have been influenced by KAP's globally-appropriated imagery as well.

Since 2000, Keiskamma Art Project artists and artisans have artistically appropriated imagery from a wide range of Modern artists. They have also been influenced by the stunning floral and fauna of South Africa, and have a developed a distinct imagery of their own. DOEprojekts is proud and pleased to create collaborative works with this unique and talented group of artists. We will be bringing our custom-printed fabrics, reflecting the colors in the flag of South Africa, Germany, the USA, and many other countries, peppered with the small "Gestures of Hybridity" iconic forms. Additional fabric is uniquely DOE+KAP.
In preparation for our exhibitions and workshops overseas, we have continued to conduct our studio workshops in New York City that explore expanded dimensions of the Coreforms and Keywords that ground DOEprojekts' art and cultural practice. 
Please keep in touch with us through or through our blog (RSS feed) and websites! Thank you, thank you, to and all those who have supported our work and upcoming travel schedule. We look forward to hearing from you!
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