Thursday, December 17, 2015

MOVEMENT! October, November, December, and Beyond...

WOW! • 2015 was a great year that gave us 52 weeks to explore and create new experiences and artifacts! DOEprojekts was especially busy in the past three months. And 2016 promises equal time-space to contribute to collective creativity... 

Art of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
Deborah and Glenn Doering, DOEprojetks (, participated in, and contributed to, "Art of the MOOC," a free online class offered by Duke University/Pedro Lasch and Creative Time NYC/Nato Thompson.
We worked collaboratively with other socially-engaged artists in the US and around the world, including Patrick Stacey, artist/musician, who went "above and beyond" when he created an animation based on one of our Coreform drawings. We thank Patrick for his ongoing dialogue with us and with the socially-engaged art community! 

Patrick's "Spider" project was featured in the "Art of the MOOC" presentation at the Creative Time Summit, Boys + Girls High School Campus in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY. 

The Creative Time Summit was a thought-provoking, jam-packed weekend of presentations and workshops related to art and social justice. ( We participated in several workshops about involving people from all walks of like in public art projects. What a privilege to attend! 

DOE + KAP (DOEprojekts + Keiskamma Art Project) Collaboration  
The outstanding abilities of Veronica Betani, Keiskamma Art Project, ( are front and center in the embroidery shown below, available for sale through Kalk Bay Modern Gallery in Cape Town. The text of the embroidery reads " Colorful threads in elaborate embroideries tell stories of our relationship with NATURE and other people — abantu — and ourselves & coreforms. We work together to manifest the artifacts made by creative hands and minds! MUSIC — umculo — connects us in a universal language of sounds and melodies. Boundaries are overcome by the ARTS." Please email us if you would like to support our collaborative work through the purchase of this (or another) unique artifact! 

 We completed our first artist book with sound. "TRIO" is an interactive book that allows readers to play our Coreform drawings using an Ototo synthesizer and conductive paint. TRIO makes its debut at CENTRAL BOOKING Art Space, NYC.TRIO is available for purchase or as part of a DOEprojekts' Coreforms/Keywords Workshop. Contact us at for more information. 

MoMA Pixel Icon Competition
 Glenn's original pixel icon titled "Refugees Welcome" won both First Place AND People's Choice Award at the Interactive Design Studio Competition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) NYC. Congratulations Glenn! 

Telegraphic Fields and Repeat Transmissions
Deborah met artist/photographer Guanyu Xu ( as a result of being paired as Alumni/Student team through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's class titled "SAIC 150: Telegraphic Fields and Repeat Transmissions," taught by Mark Jeffery (Faculty in Performance) and Nick Lowe (Faculty in Arts Admin and CP). Guanyu used our Doering-Xu email correspondence and images as part of his installation in SAIC's Sharpe Gallery. Congrats on an engaging and educational installation Guanyu!  

Thank you to our many supporters in 2015! 
 Thank you, thank you, to ( and all those who have supported our work. Please keep in touch with us through or through our blog (RSS feed) and websites! We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, November 2, 2015

MoMA Interactions Workshops, Hyperallergic Review, Central Booking Gallery

September and October have been filled with interactive art making for DOEprojekts!
MoMA Interactions Workshops

We continue to explore the hybridity of images using our Coreforms and sound through MoMA's Interactions Workshops. We developed interactive keyboard-like panels using conductive paint and our Hybr pins and pendants. 

More videos may be seen on the DOEprojekts' Facebook page: DOEprojekts/FB

Gestures of Hybridity at Central Booking (NYC) Gallery
Central Booking Gallery hosted two "Gestures of Hybridity" interactive drawings in their exhibition "Old Tech New Tech" curated by gallery director Maddy Rosenberg. 

The exhibition, and DOEprojekts' work, was favorably reviewed by Melissa Stern in the popular art blog Hyperallergic. Stern's review may be read here

DOEprojekts (Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn N. Doering) also coordinated and moderated Central Booking NYC's October 1 artist panel. Multidisciplinary artists on the panel were: Marianne R. Petit, Alexandra Limpert, and Trish Mackenzie (Inter-space Lab).

Thank you, thank you, to and all those who have supported our work. Please keep in touch with us through or through our blog (RSS feed) and websites! We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Werkstadt-Berlin, Neukölln's Kulturverein, hosts "Gestures of Hybridity" Installation and Workshop

Werkstadt-Berlin, a community art and culture organization in the Neu Kölln neighborhood of Berlin, hosted DOEprojekts' "Gestures of Hybridity" installation and workshop during the last two weeks of August 2015.
"Gestures of Hybridity" graphite drawings are "played" by participants when they touch a custom brass stylus to various parts of the drawings. 

The drawings are a hybrid of visual imagery and sound. The experience of playing visual images is used by DOEprojekts (Deborah and Glenn Doering) as a point of departure in their workshops that explore "hybridity" as a cultural keyword.

Please keep in touch with us through or through our blog (RSS feed) and websites! Thank you, thank you, to and all those who have supported our work and upcoming travel schedule. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Creative Time Summit at la Biennale di Venezia — New and Historical Perspectives on Art, Culture, Politics, Society

DOEprojekts attended the Creative Time Summit held in the Teatro Alle Tese, Arsenale, Venice, from August 11 -13, 2015. This 2015 Summit is the first conference of artists at the 56th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, titled All the World's Futures. The Summit's artist-presenters addressed many social justice issues seen through the lens of curriculum — learning, education, and "knowledge production."

The Summit's keynote speakers included Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!, an independent global news source. Goodman gave a graphic account of her experiences in the 70's, as a journalistic eye-witness to the East Timor genocide. 

In another keynote presentation, artist Mariam Ghani interviewed her father, Ashraf Ghani, the recently elected President of Afghanistan (via Skype link). Her questions and his answers focused on the roles of education and artistic creativity in the Ghani administration.

Throughout the three days, international artists-activists-scholars presented their work, including: Kunlé AdeyemiHope Ginsberg, Emily Jacir, Koyo Kouoh, Pedro Lasch, Tina Sherwell, Antonio Negri, Gregory Sholette, and Joshua Wong.

Round table discussions were held on the third day of the Summit, providing a forum for speakers, moderators, and attendees to share stories and email addresses. An Open Mic at the end of the Summit allowed anyone to share praise, criticism and/or a personal anecdote from the stage.

A review of the Summit on the blog Hyperallergic may be found here.

During breaks and after the summit, DOEprojekts (Deborah and Glenn Doering) visited many of the Biennale's pavilions and installations. We participated in the work "Sustainable Identities" by Cseke Szilárd at the Hungarian Pavilion in the Giardini. (Below: "Coreforms" progressive drawing at "Sustainable Identities" )

Also noteworthy was the South African pavilion titled "What remains is tomorrow." We were especially moved by a text work titled "Racist in South Africa" by SA artist William Boshoff. The work may be seen here

Of our many excellent experiences in South Africa this summer, only one was destructive. Our rental car was attacked by a man in Johannesburg -- an attempted car-jacking which destroyed some of our equipment, physically wounded us, and caused us to be hospitalized. This unfortunate act of violence, gave us empathy for ALL the people of South Africa. 

We also would like to say that many South African friends and acquaintances have given us devoted care and stimulating collaboration — we look forward to a better TOMORROW not only for South Africa, but for our "global village." We thank Creative Time Summit and la Biennale di Venezia for an inspiring 3 day conference and ongoing artist exhibition venue.

Please keep in touch with us through or through our blog (RSS feed) and websites! Once again, we thank and all those who have supported our work and travel schedule this summer. We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, August 3, 2015

DOEprojekts (DOE) + Keiskamma Art Project (KAP) Explore Lines, Shapes, Colors, Textures, Tones — and Coreforms — in Hamburg, South Africa

In a series of six workshops, DOEprojekts and Keiskamma Art Project artists explored various expressions of lines, shapes, colors, textures and tones through creative exercises and critiques of each participants' work and the work of other contemporary international artists.

DOE's Coreforms (zeros, ones, hyphens, tildes and periods— also known as circles, horizontal and vertical lines, swashes and points) were also discussed and explored as a basis for ongoing collaboration between DOE+KAP artist groups. Several new and unique combination of Coreforms emerged as potential expressions for forthcoming art pieces.

DOEprojekts (Deborah Adams Doering + Glenn N. Doering) thank Keiskamma Art Project workshop participants: Veronica Betani, Lindiswa Gedze, Noseti Makhubalo, Sinovuyo Makhubalo, Siyabonga Maswana, Noluntu Mavela, Sanela Maxengana, Cebo Mvubu, Nomfusi Nkani, Avumile (Avis) Nyongo and also KAP founder/director/artist Carol Hofmeyr and visiting professor Nicola Ashmore.

The DOE+KAP workshop was funded in part by a matching grant with generous contributions by the Carreon-Royer Family, the Whitten Family, and the Moody Family. We are very grateful to these and other individual patrons for supporting our workshops.