Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"What I Want to Say — Coreforms and Keywords" Neopointillist Coreforms Give "Pop" to PopUp Loop Space. Today, we consider 'Overlap' as a possible keyword.

"What I Want to Say: Coreforms and Keywords" continues at the "PopUp Loop" Gallery Space at 23 East Madison in Chicago until Sunday, April 21. One Coreform of the installation/art action is the "dot" or "single stich" or tiny "mark" that is made by the artist. As artists participating in the PopUp, we consider how each of these marks creates an "overlapping" of form and concept.  We overlap our ideas and images with each other, in a collaborative effort, and we also overlap our forms in relationship to artists of the past, such as Georges Seurat, who painted one of the most popular works in the Art Institute of Chicago (if not the history of art and culture).  "Overlap" is one of the Keywords of our art action.