Sunday, October 19, 2014

DOEprojekts Discusses "Manifest O" with ManifeStation

DOEprojekts Discusses "Manifest O" with ManifeStation, a manifesto writing project
ManifeStation was performed by Anaïs Duplan, Kione Kochi, and Danielle Freiman, as part of UtopiaSchool, hosted by Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY, October 2014

ManifeStation: Question 1 -- Who are you? What are your interests and passions?

DOEprojekts: We are DOEprojekts, a socially-engaged art practice, led by Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn N. Doering. Our interests and passions include exploring cultural Coreforms (Zero, One, Hyphen, Tilde, Period) and Keywords as a platform to invite the public (John DOE, Jane DOE) to participate in experiences/interactions and artifacts/object-making that move us toward greater awareness. We are interested in experiences and artifacts that move us toward the common good.

ManifeStation: Question 2 -- What is the topic of the manifesto you are requesting?

DOEprojekts: We invite ManifeStation to collaborate with us, re-introducing and refining DOEprojekt’s previous “Manifest O” in 2012.

DOEprojekts “Manifest O” 2012
DOEprojekts first participatory “Manifest O” is a large 9’ x 21’ (2,7 x 6,4 meter) embroidered tapestry featuring Coreforms. “Manifest O” was first displayed at the Amtsgericht in Kassel, Germany in 2012.  Our partners and collaborators 2012 are listed at the end of an essay about our “Just Us at Work” art action. 
Our main partner in the creation of the “Manifest O” was the Keiskamma Art Project (KAP), South Africa.

We were pleased to participate in ManifeStation on Saturday, October 18, 2014 and look forward to your project’s contribution (to be published in a future blog entry).

ManifeStation:  Question 3 -- What do you want this manifesto to accomplish?

DOEprojekts: The purpose of our current “Manifest O” in 2014-2015 is to re-introduce and re-affirm our intentions. If we had to choose only one word to summarize “Manifest O” it would be the cultural Keyword “Movements.”  DOEprojekt's cultural Coreforms are: Zero, One, Hyphen, Tilde, Period. (Circle, Horizontal and Vertical lines, Swash, and Point). These forms are united – and, in fact, may be seen as a single form – through movement(s).

ManifeStation:  Question 4 -- What are your hopes and fears?

DOEprojekts: Our hopes: continuing community connections, creating experiences and artifacts that serve the artistic cultural common good. Our fears include: stagnation (non-movement), isolation, ignorance, ennui, and disinterest.

ManifeStation:  Question 5 -- Are there other manifestos that you really like?

DOEprojekts: We appreciate manifestos that move us – Thomas More’s Utopia would be an example. (Utopia is a Keyword).

ManifeStation:  Question 6 -- Do you already have a manifesto that you would like to share?

DOEprojekts: Our first “Manifest O” is mentioned above, and we have shared that with you -- something to be considered as we re-introduce and refine our “Manifest O” for 2014 and beyond.

Other resources given to ManifeStation: