Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"JUST US AT WORK" — Project Review

With over 1000 photos from the past 100 days in Kassel, Germany, to choose from, it is difficult to limit this summary to two dozen images. We have grouped these photos into 4 sections; Artists/Participants, Places, Art/Work, and Extended Relationships. Of course, there is cross-over in each section. Above, we focus on the three artist-collaborators who formed the core of 'just us at work' — Veronica Betani, Cebo Mvubu, and Deborah Doering. We also say 'thank you' again to those artists and artisans who spent one or two weeks working in the Amtsgericht with us: Nancy Adams, Glenn Doering, Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite, Irene Perez Gil, Shauna Hupe Angel Blue,  Denise Laurin, Magdalena Linden, and Kathryn Maple Whitten. We sincerely appreciate your contribution to 'just us at work.'

Our main workplace for 'just us at work' was the entrance hall of the Amtsgericht (Offices of Justice) on Frankfurter Stra├če 9 in Kassel, Germany. On our first day, June 1, 2012, we hung the "Manifest O", a 9' x 21' hand-embroidered tapestry, conceptualized by DOE Projekts, and embroidered by the artists of the Keiskamma Art Project of Hamburg, South Africa. We then began to work with the idea of the zero and one in a specific movement pattern, to create various embroideries and painted prints. By the end of our 100 day project, 35 embroideries and 40 painted prints had been created. In addition, we had over 200 sketches of various concepts and designs, and also several dozen "wax rubbings" created from stencils we hand-cut. Eight embroideries and two prints were sold during our 100 days in Kassel. Previous to the start of the project, several of the art works were promised to supporters/patrons who had pledged funds for our project. We continue to seek out opportunities to exhibit and sell the artwork; purchasing our work contributes to the ongoing work of both DOE Projekts and Keiskamma Art Project. Please contact Deborah Doering,, if you are interested in providing such opportunities.

Monday, September 10, 2012

'just us at work' — day 100 in Kassel and the Amtsgericht — we finish the 'job'

Today is DOE Projekts' last official day in the Amtsgericht, Kassel. We thank Mr. Fischer, President of the Amtsgericht, for today's visit to our site of collaboration and cooperation. DOE Projekts also thanks Kathryn Maple Whitten (from Atlanta, Georgia, USA)  for her trip to Kassel to help us pack up our work and supplies. The entrance hall of the Amtsgericht has been a great location for our work of the past 100 days. We look forward to posting pictures on this blog that will overview and summarize our 'art action.'

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'just us at work' — Day 94 — painting, printmaking, creating art work in the Amtsgericht, Kassel

Our focus during the last days of 'just us at work' in the Amtsgericht, Kassel, is on painting and printmaking, using the zero-may-be-seen-as-a-one visual 'code' that has been a part of DOE Projekt's work for many years. During each day, visitors stop by to look, talk, and occasionally try their hand at painting a few strokes. Such is the nature of collaboration and 'zusammen arbeit.'