Sunday, May 29, 2022

"Only One Earth" Flag Project 2022 selects DOEprojekts' "Clear Sky" Flag for Rockefeller Center Showcase

The call for entries for the third Rockefeller Flag Project Competition was held in February 2022. DOEprojekts (Deborah and Glenn Doering, lead artists) entered two designs based on the competition's theme "Just One Earth."  From a contestant field of several hundred entries, their "Clear Sky" flag was chosen to be displayed among 80 other flags from around the world.

When we submitted the "Clear Sky" image, we wrote: "This photo was taken on our first flight after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. It was heart-warming to see the white clouds against the blue sky again! But we were reminded that air travel (and tourism in general) can be hard on our planet. We want to support travel methods that are sustainable."

The second design we submitted (but was not selected) featured our Coreforms in the wings of a graphic "Bee."

For this submission we wrote: "We support the Hell's Kitchen Farm Project (HKFP), an urban rooftop farm in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NYC. By adding bees to community farms and gardens, food harvested can potentially increate up to 70%. These super pollinators allow urban farms to increase their impact on food insecurity.  Our 2022 Flag Project submission honors the bees of NYC and around the world."

We thank the directors of the Climate Museum and the United Nations Environment Programme, for including our work in this public art installation. We invite our DOEprojekt's blog readers, family and friends, to go see "The Flag Project 2022." 

Whether you are able to see the exhibition or not, please go to our Instagram and see more photos (and maybe some short videos) of all the flags.

As always, we appreciate your support of DOEprojekts – keep in touch!

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