Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DOEprojekts' Studio Workshop — Exploring Coreforms and Keywords

Studio Workshop Exploring Coreforms and Keywords

DOEprojekts recently held a community workshop in the Garment District, Manhattan. Participants were introduced to the conceptual basis for our socially-engaged art practice — Coreforms and Keywords — and then invited to respond to these concepts through various materials and written "prompts" that we provided. Some of the visual responses are shown in the photos above.

Participants were also invited to write about their experiences at the end of the workshop:

“The workshop was very engaging immediately with your presentation and invitation to explore. I also felt it was challenging but at the same time comforting to create something meaningful.”
— A. T., New York City

“My immediate connection was to the Coreforms. I love their simultaneous simplicity and complexity – in seeing the bright yellow felt, [the forms] invoked a happy face. However, the keywords invoked uncertainty. A wonderful, freedom and thought-provoking workshop!”
— E.G., New York City

“The studio workshop allowed a therapeutic expression of sorts – allowing mind to use Coreforms to create hybridity and diaspora – the process, not product was important – a blank space — free to create ANYTHING – [and the workshop] ‘prompts’ offered a starting point but no end – this can be continuous.” — C.F., New York City

“This workshop is great for all ages...” — R. A., New York City

DOEprojekts continues to develop experiences and create artifacts using Coreforms and cultural Keywords as points of departure, and invitations to interact, engaging both the art knowledgeable and the art curious. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring a workshop for a group, please contact us through our website or at