Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Coreforms" at Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago

Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) in Chicago is committed to offering those persons who are on the road to healing a variety of creative experiences, including opportunities to explore visual art. Curator and artist Kari Lindholm-Johnson contacted DOEprojetks (Deborah and Glenn Doering) over a year ago and suggested introducing our "Coreforms" to participants in SCH's arts group. 

The result is "Coreforms of Life," an exhibit sponsored by SCH, that explores a dialogue between Coreform drawings created by DOEprojekts and drawings created by persons at SCH who are interested in creating a personal visual response to the Coreforms' "zero-and-one-in-movement," often in relationship to their own healing journey. We are very pleased to have Kari and her group use "Coreforms" as a point of departure and an invitation to interact -- in the service of healing and creative expression!

We thank Swedish Covenant Hospital, Kari Lindholm-Johnson, and the artist-participants who allowed us to photograph their drawings!

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