Saturday, August 19, 2023

DOEprojekts' "Pochoir Folio 002" at CENTRAL BOOKING NYC

Pochoir Folio 002
offers individuals and communities ten hand cut pochoirs (pochoir is the French word for stencil). Each pochoir-stencil is designed using DOEprojekts' basic forms, called Coreforms, as a point of departure and an invitation to participate. CENTRAL BOOKING, NYC, will be exhibiting the folio at upcoming art fairs in Scotland and France.

Pochoir Folio 002 may be purchased at

Above: Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn N. Doering. lead artists of DOEprojekts Art Collaborative, juggle Coreforms between them. 

Coreforms for DOEprojekts are the zero, one, tilde, dash and period (keyboard characters).  These basic forms are also known as the circle, vertical line, swash, horizontal line, and point. Coreforms are universal forms that, when viewed from certain perspectives, may be seen as the same form.

The core concept of all artifacts and experiences that are initiated by DOEprojekts is movement. Human beings exist in a world of physical and psychological movement. When we create with Coreforms we see objects and events from different perspectives. We are changed as individuals and as communities, ideally contributing creatively to the common good.

Each pochoir may be used in multiple ways; each participant decides how to generate physical and psychological movement through their individual creativity.

Above: Pochoirs used to create lighting effects.

Additionally, DOEprojekts has created one frottage (rubbed image), using a wax block, for each pochoir. Each frottage, paired with a pochoir-stencil, shows one way that the stencil may be used. Other ways to participate include stippling paint through the stencil or using the stencil to create shadows, and then documenting various effects photographically (stencils may also be used with cyanotpe/sun printing papers). Participants may discover limitless creative ways to use these pochoir-stencils.

Above: Pochoir and Frottage 002.1.

Above: Pochoir and Frottage 002.3.

Above: Pochoir and Frottage 002.7.

The seven additional pochoir-frottagge pairs in the folio are shown below.

DOEprojekts will be showcasing "Pochoir Folio 001" in our upcoming "Celebrate 40" exhibition during the month of October in NYC (information may be found on Facebook/DOEprojeks). We are also available to create custom pairs of pochoir-frottage using our Coreforms. Inquire through

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