Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sheen Center Artist Residency and Risograph Printmaking at the Queens Museum

On Friday, July 1, 2016, DOEprojekts (Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn N. Doering) began working as "Artists in Residence" at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City.
Goals for the DOEprojekts' residency include preparing works for their 2017 solo exhibition in the Sheen Center Gallery at 18 Bleecker Street (entrance on Elizabeth Street). The exhibition is titled "Migrations" and will feature works that explore Coreforms and Keywords related to movements that occur when migrating peoples and cultures connect and/or collide. 
On July 9 and 10, Deborah and Glenn participated in the risograph printmaking workshop at the Queens Museum. The workshop allowed participants to learn more about risograph printmaking and also about the unique print-on-demand Queens International 2016 Catalog that allowed for post-opening contributions by a variety of commentators.

The workshop was led by Ayham Ghraowi, arist/designer of the Queens International 2016 Catalog, and artist/designer Martin Bek. Ghraowi, Bek, and Queens Museum Director of Exhibitions and Curator, Hitomi Iwasaki, were also on hand to support DOEprojekts' Coreforms and Keywords experimental prints -- we thank everyone at Queens Museum for providing us with educational and enjoyable sessions! 
DOEprojekts will lead a number of art-making workshops (see photos above) and participatory events as part of the Sheen Center residency and solo exhibition. If you would like to participate in an upcoming art-making workshop, please email