Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Workbook: Coreforms and Keywords 1.01 — Summers Home Residency — Summers Return and the Residency Ends

The family Summers has returned from Germany. Max, their dog, celebrates their return by wearing a red bandana. 

Glenn and Deborah and DOE Projekts have intervened in their home environment, experimenting, exploring, and further developing Coreforms (zero, one hyphen, tilde, etc.) and Keywords, (art, home, place, space, work, etc.) as part of the residency. 

We began the project with these textual cues: accept things as they are, understand that context shapes our work. What we bring to My Workbook: Coreforms and Keywords 1.01 — Summers House Residency, shaped the context as well. 

We thank the Summers family for their invitation, and their hospitality during our residency.