Monday, September 16, 2013

Workbook: Expo Chicago "More Love Hours"

DOE Projekts has been invited by Dilettante Studios ( to participate in Expo Chicago, Navy Pier, Chicago, Sept 19 - 22. We will be part of a 20+ artist team.

With the help of Frank Verciglio and his assistant Joe, we revised our initial idea. Frank and Joe helped us re-build the art crate and two side crate-cabinets.

We then turned to our trusty family "DOE Projekts" team, and spent a great weekend together, painting the cabinet-crates, and creating a shelf to be positioned underneath the crate-cabinets.  

Coreforms:  Zeros and Ones, Swash, Tilde, Period
Keywords: Collaboration, Rebuild, Reuse, Fragile, Planet